2016 Certificate of Excellence

Du 8 June 2016 au 8 June 2017

The Chateau of Ancy le Franc has received the 2016 Certificate of Excellence,  a distinction reflecting the constant excellent opinions on the Chateau of Ancy le Franc on TripAdvisor.

2016 Certificate of Excellence

The Chateau of Ancy-le Franc has received the 2016 Certificate of Excellence,  a distinction reflecting the constant excellent opinions of the Chateau d’Ancy le Franc on TripAdvisor.

Chefs dinner

21 June 2016

We are happy to house the 2016 CHEFS DINNER in the Chateau of Ancy le Franc. A degustation menu is scheduled by six talented chefs of Burgundy. The special dinner is peppered with and followed by a candlelight tour of the Renaissance palace.

Information & reservation: Tourist office in Montbard (Ph +33 (0)3 80 92 53 81

Exposition de Sculptures de Peter Meyers Parc Château d'Ancy le Franc

Sculptures on the Southside

Du 19 March 2016 au 2 October 2016

Carte blanche for the artist Peter Meyers.
A new selection of monumental and animal sculptures has settled down in the park around pond and folly  for the summer.

Opening of the Room of Diane

Du 19 March 2016 au 13 November 2016

The permanent reopening of a part of the ground floor with the apartment of Diane remains one of the key events in Ancy le Franc.

You will discover or rediscover the famous Room of Diane just  restored and lavishly decorated with exceptional murals of the School of Fontainebleau (16th century).

At this occasion another 8 rooms are opened : the Archives hall, small passageways, the summer kitchen, the Antechamber of Emperors, the Room of Diane, the Cabinet of the “Alcoves of Gods”, the Class room, an ancient Guard’s hall…

The visit of the palace of Ancy le Franc includes more than 4 apartments, 3 galleries, a chapel, the Guards Hall,.. altogether more  than 26 rooms and halls. During current events other rooms are likely opened.

Photo-Quatuor-Abgg Photo ©Floriane.Lormand

Concert Visit Musicancy

3 June 2016

Tour of the chateau (or a stroll in the park) at 18:30hrs

Concert at 20:00hrs: The Abegg QuartetClément Lefebvre, piano, Eva Zavaro, violin, Tanguy Parisot, alto, Alexis Deroin, cello

Playing: Mozart, Brahms, Zavaro

BassaToscana Ph ©Monique Tierny-Mahieu

Night Visits by Candelight

10 August 2016

Aonther nocturnal opening with the special atmosphere as invited to a journey to the 16th century. Experience the palace enligthened by flickering candles and enjoy the elegant Royal dances performed by the professional Renaissance dancers Bassa Toscana. 

Visites nocturnes Château d'Ancy le Franc

Night Visits

20 July 2016

Experience the 16th century palace  in an unusual perspective.  Les Vilains Vérinois will perform Renaissance dances and the flickering lights of candles will enchant the whole setting for an awesome evening