Season opening 2023 from the 4th of February 2023 to the 17th of December.

ATTENTION September 2023
Due to a film shoot, the visit of the premises will be strongly modified.
– One or more rooms on the first floor will be closed, depending on the needs of the project.
– The ground floor will not be accessible.
– The open rooms will be modified in terms of décor (furniture and paintings). The wall paintings, however, will not be affected.

For this reason, preferential rates will apply on september :
10€ adults, 5€ children 6-15 years.
Self-tour only, usual opening hours.

For your information, the filming takes place from Monday to Friday. So you have access to all the rooms on the first floor at weekends.

Other important information :
– Due to a wedding, the château will close at 4pm on Saturday September 23, with the gardens at 3:30pm.

We recommend that visitors download the free online Audio Tour.
3€ on site.

The Knights of Athena
17th to 30th October and 1st to 19th november 2023

A new exhibition with a private collection of figurines, playing cards and more ! More info here.

Halloween 31st October 2023

Trembled during the night of Halloween ! All the first floor decorated for the event. More infos here.

An amazing Renaissance palace on the lands of the Dukes of Burgundy.
One of the largest collection of Renaissance murals in France make Ancy-le-Franc a direct contender of the Fontainebleau chateau.
The chateau is the masterpiece of the famous Italian architect Sebastiano Serlio, disciple of Bramante,  summoned to the French court by François I.

Ancy-le-Franc, raised (1542-1550) for the benefactor, Antoine III of Clermont-Tonnerre, brother-in-law of the mistress of the king Henri II Diane de Poitiers, is an outstanding  jewel of Renaissance. The immense quadrilateral, 4 equal wings around one of the most original and beautiful sculpted court yards, will make history for centuries, a pure architectural revolution.

The 16th C. architectural and artistic jewel, today classified historic monument, houses a sumptuous interior attributed to the most celebrated Italian, Flemish and Burgundian artists of the 16th and 17th century. You will discover breath-taking murals, long passageways, dating from the early Italianate Fontainebleau school, the royal apartment, chambers, antichambers, chapel, guard’s hall, …
A unique journey through five centuries of History !

Set in the centre of a large park in Burgundy (border of the region Champagne), on the banks of the canal, situated near Chablis, Dijon and Beaune, a few hours from Paris (1hr by highspeed train).


Since July 1999, date where the chateau was buying back from the company Paris Investir SAS, a team of experts have dedicated themselves to a detailed survey of the inventory and condition of the building to prepare for an exceptional restoration, that will be worthy of the special character of the Palace of Ancy-le-Franc.
A significant amount of work has been done to restore the palace to its original glory, those works include the courtyard, the Pharsale gallery, the Chamber of Diane, and the East and West gardens. The last mentioned project, the expanded East parterre is a bold master stroke.

chateau d'Ancy le Franc parc jardin exposition visites bourgogne

New project – Restoration of the roof (South wing)

restauration sauvegarde du patrimoine en bourgogne chateau d'Ancy le Franc toiture don crowdfunding mécénatFor the conservation and preservation of the castle and its mural paintings, the roof covering on the south side needs to be completely restored. (Maintenance of the courtyard side and entire restoration of the garden side).
Presently the roof covering is very damaged and in a bad state. Many temporary repairs have been done in the course of the leaks. This is no longer enough and the damaged zinc works increase the risks.
The covering of the 5 stone skylights are also damaged.
For the framework, most of the woodwork will be fixed as well as the assembly and all lost elements will be replaced.
This massive plan consists in a removal of the existing roof (slates, battens, metal works, frames …) followed by the covering rehabilitation.
This huge project needs more than 550K€ and will last 10 months. It includes covering, framework, masonry and additional taxes. It will be managed with subsidies and funding of the DRAC of the region (Burgundy board of cultural affairs) of up to 40% excluding VAT.
We would be very grateful for your help and contribution to this project
We thank you deeply in advance for your interest of preserving the Renaissance castle of Ancy le Franc.
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ancy le franc victoires du paysage
The East parterre has been rewarded with the ‘’Silver Victory’’ at the French highly rated Victoires du Paysage 2018 realised by Laure Quoniam.

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