Exhibition ART 2023 – Mélissa BOUKAIA

Mélissa Boukaia was born in Belgium in Uccle where she lived until she was 3 years old and then moved to the Paris region.

Both her grandfathers were painters and had a great love for colours and materials.

At the age of 17, she entered a graphic design school in Paris 17 in 1996 and graduated in 2001 with a degree in graphic design. She was passionate about all manual work.

As a mother of three boys, she devoted herself to her children for a long time and also worked with her pharmacist husband : she was exclusively in charge of management.

As she approached forty, she returned to her first love : painting. She went through several fields of painting : pop art, mandala, abstract, landscapes… Painting represents for her a kind of therapy, a well-being, a way to bring out things from the present or the past.

Her main technique is acrylic, she likes to test different supports such as mirror, plexiglass, cardboard, canvas… A lot of tests of colours and materials, all sprinkled with glitter and gold or silver chips for all her abstract paintings.

What characterises her work the most is its diversity:
This artist needs variety to enjoy and have fun.

Several exhibitions to her credit:

  • Peru in 2016 and 2017
  • Essars les bethunes, Pas-De-Calais in 2016 and 2017
  • Toutry, Côte-d’Or in 2016 and 2017
  • Ecuador in 2017 and 2020
  • Zoom Art magazine exhibition at 59 rue de Rivoli in Paris in 2020
  • Ephemeral shop in Rueil-Malmaison in 2020 and 2021
  • The Kibélé in 2021
  • Saint Mandé in 2021
  • Creation of the association ART PASSION
  • Espace7 in Bastille in 2021
  • Carré à la farine in January 2022

Follow her on instagram @mel.b_pop_art and on www.artistepeintremelb.com

Exhibition catalogue : click here.