Are you a travel agent or an event organiser? Travel through the history of this Renaissance palace with a guide exclusively – or with an audio guide or a very detailed tour brochure.
The Palace of Ancy le Franc is one of the must-see’s of Burgundy – Your clients will experience a true jewel of the 16th century, a unique part of French heritage.

You can reserve a guided tour (for a minimum of 20 people) all year round, for your group outing for the date and time that suits you. (Only by appointment)

The tour lets you explore this extraordinary site in Burgundy, like taking a journey through five centuries filled with galleries, cabinets, chambers, antechambers …all with lavish decorations!

The chateau of Ancy-le Franc is a travel destination in Burgundy that is highly valued by agencies. We offer various options for your visit.

The tour brochure is available in various languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Russian, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese

The favourite of groups visiting Ancy-le-Franc:
The guided tour followed by a tasting of regional wines or a stroll in the English style park.

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