Ancy le Franc on American TV

From 13 September 2017 To 31 October 2017

The highly rated food and travel show Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking with Pete Evans, Australia’s top celebrity chef was filming here in May 2017. These days the fabulous episode is opening the SEASON 5 on American TV, we are so honoured!

Poulet de bresse, golden moustard fields, snails, the essence of French Cuisine in Burgundy with 2 michelin-starred chefs from our region – Have a look on the preview

Season 5: Dijon Mustard Fields

Bienvenue to Season 5! What better way to kick things off than in the golden mustard fields of Dijon, learning all we ever wanted to know about our favorite condiment. Watch the episode preview and feast with us! Château d'Ancy le Franc.

Publié par Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking sur lundi 11 septembre 2017