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Saturday 4 October – The Burgundy Truffle (Tuber Uncinatum)

Foie gras truffle, scrambled eggs with truffles, mashed potato with truffles. Chiboust cream with truffles. Exposition about the truffle and all its qualities:with the history, the harvesting, the gastronomic use… with Jean-Luc Barnabet, award-winning regional specialist chef, passionate about truffles, who runs numerous truffle demonstrations in France.

Saturday 27 September – The Renaissance Cuisine at the court of Diane de Potiers

Char fish pie with herbs, asparagus, Bologna fish sausage with lemon sauce, rice garnished with citrus fruits, catalan roasted fowl, sausage soup (potato-cinnamon-nutmag), cauliflower gratin, pear cake, sage doughnuts and “confiture amoureuse”….. Discover the menu worthy a palace, with historian and chef Fabien Müllers, French specialist in medieval and Renaissance cuisine, from the Loire. A cooking class seasoned with all the tastes and the tales of the time period !

2 August – Color & taste of summer

Aubergine caviar and mussels, thick round of guinea fowl and carrot mousse, peach with mint and rasperry – delicious menu with chef Jean-Luc Barnabet

Saturday 19 July – Japanese Cooking

Maki Sushi with red tuna and raw salmon, Ura Maki Sushi with beef carpaccio, celery and carrots Karaage (small doughnut bites) Tips and tricks to make good sushi and maki, the right seasoning, how to cook the rice:all the secres of Japan with our chef Akiko. Some of the recipes date back to around 1600, when Tokyo was called Edo and when the Japanese added rice vinegar (sushi-meshi) to dishes with raw fish or vegetables.

Saturday 14 June – Diane’s Spring

White Pontigny asparagus with mild paprika sauce, roasted lamb, seasoned carrot cake. Tribute to Diane ; whipped cottage cheese, red spring fruits in pastry. A menu in tribute to Diane de Poitiers. Supplied by regional chef Jean-Luc Barnabet