Ongoing events

The Metamorphosis of the gardens

From 23 March 2019 To 11 November 2019

Among the highlights in 2019  the visitors in Ancy le Franc can admire the 2 new gardens on the East & West side with fountains, flowerbeds, parterres and alleys. 2 gorgeous projects (just rewarded at the highly rated French Victoires du Paysage 2018) : one inspired by an early 17th decor from the castle : 4 paintings of flowers [enlarged more than 100 times] have taken root outside in the garden ;  the 2nd inspired by ancient engravings and former 18th C. projects in Ancy le Franc.

French television TF1 has covered the work in progress of the East garden due to its innovative and spectacular character.

Passed events

Musicancy concert-visit

21 August 2018

Visite libre du château (ou du parc) dans l’après-midi
Concert à 20h00 : Ensemble Messiaen
David Petrlik (violon), Volodia Van Keulen (violoncelle), Théo Fouchenneret (piano)
Au programme : Haydn, Chostakovitch, Debussy, Escaich

défilé venitien château d'Ancy le Franc

Venetian costume parade

18 August 2018

Les Vénitiens sont de retour au Palais Renaissance !
12 costumés du Carnaval de Venise nous rendent visite pour une journée haute en couleurs !
Élégants Marquis, Marquises et costumes allégoriques vont déambuler au palais de la Renaissance Italienne  – Au bonheur des grands et petits  – Venez poser avec eux, admirez la beauté des costumes confectionnés avec le plus grand soin et suivez-les à travers salles, galeries et dans les jardins …
Un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer pour visiteurs, curieux, amateurs et photographes passionnés !
Journée avec entrée gratuite exceptionnelle pour les enfants jusqu’à 12 ans
Défilés 10h30-12h, 14h -18h.
Ouverture château 10h30-18h

concert au chateau d'Ancy le Franc été 2018

Belarus Concert in the court yard

14 August 2018

Découvrez l’ensemble de cymbalums biélorusse Vedritsa lors d’une soirée dans la cour d’honneur du château. 15 musiciens biélorusses en tournée en Bourgogne, à ne pas manquer !
Concert à 18h30 (avec entracte)
Sur réservation 03 86 75 14 63
18 € (tarif plein) et 15 € (tarif réduit), gratuit pour les -12 ans
(ce billet donne accès à la visite du château dans la journée 10h30-18h)

Antiques & Artcraft fair

From 9 December 2017 To 10 December 2017

Fabulous antiques and artcraft  fair and sale with a range of  original vintage christmas gifts! Discover the ground floor of the Renaissance castle turned into a true fairy tale!
Winemakers from Bourgogne and Champagne will provide tasting and sale (Vosne-romanée, Chorey-les-Beaune, Chablis, …)

A New Garden on the West side

From 25 March 2017 To 12 November 2017

Two garden projects are actually born during the 2017 season in the park of Ancy le Franc.
In the West garden, visitors will discover a new composition (project started in 2016), inspired by old plans from the 18th C. a design with a central planting bed with an old fountain, completely restored, surrounded by symmetric parterres and alleys bordered with thousands of roses.

In the East Garden, a magnificent projet with 4 giant flowers, alleys and a large fountain is in progess since April 17.
The visitors can enjoy these new gardens in all their splendour during the summer

Opening of the Room of Diane

From 25 March 2017 To 12 November 2017

The permanent reopening of a part of the ground floor with the apartment of Diane remains one of the key events in Ancy le Franc.

You will discover or rediscover the famous Room of Diane just  restored and lavishly decorated with exceptional murals of the School of Fontainebleau (16th century).

At this occasion another 8 rooms are opened : the Archives hall, small passageways, the summer kitchen, the Antechamber of Emperors, the Room of Diane, the Cabinet of the “Alcoves of Gods”, the Class room, an ancient Guard’s hall…

The visit of the palace of Ancy le Franc includes more than 4 apartments, 3 galleries, a chapel, the Guards Hall,.. altogether more  than 26 rooms and halls. During current events other rooms are likely opened.

Ancy le Franc on American TV

From 13 September 2017 To 31 October 2017

The highly rated food and travel show Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking with Pete Evans, Australia’s top celebrity chef was filming here in May 2017. These days the fabulous episode is opening the SEASON 5 on American TV, we are so honoured!

Poulet de bresse, golden moustard fields, snails, the essence of French Cuisine in Burgundy with 2 michelin-starred chefs from our region – Have a look on the preview

Season 5: Dijon Mustard Fields

Bienvenue to Season 5! What better way to kick things off than in the golden mustard fields of Dijon, learning all we ever wanted to know about our favorite condiment. Watch the episode preview and feast with us! Château d'Ancy le Franc.

Publié par Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking sur lundi 11 septembre 2017

exposition de Mélanie Bourlon

The fabulous bestiary of Mélanie

From 25 March 2017 To 15 October 2017

Exhibition by the French artist Mélanie Bourlon. A show of an awesome  gallery of animal portraits, sort of a phantasmagorical cabinet taken out of  “Alice in Wonderland” or a Curiosities Cabinet. A meeting with a stunning  Mister Bear, Madame Cat with hat, Mr Ram alias Jean-Paul Gautier, M Marquis the Rabbit, a Valet in sheepskin,..
Until October 15 in the Summer Kitchen