The wealth and variety of decorations at Ancy-le-Franc are unique and distinctive of this Renaissance palace. It is a French construction, “in costume italiano” (dressed up in Italian costume) as the Marquise de Sévigné, who referred to it in her letters, formulated it.

The guided tour gives you the opportunity to explore the apartments, lavishly decorated by painters from Burgundy, Flemish painters and artists from the School of Fontainebleau. The living quarters on the 1st floor, known as the ‘aristocratic floor’, consist of three apartments: l’appartement du Roi (the apartment of the King), l’appartement de Madame la Comtesse (the apartment of Madam the Countess) and l’appartement du Comte (the apartment of the Count). Long galleries adorned with flamboyant decorations or mural paintings representing mythological and religious scenes, chambers and cabinets with sculpted wainscots, extraordinary coffered ceilings, and sumptuous marble floors. A visit to the chateau is a true journey through five centuries of history.