Night Visits by candlelight

Wednesdays 15 July & 5 August

Due to Covid-19 the 15th JULY is cancelled, more about the August event end June! Thousand of candles & elegant Renaissance dancers will enchant the 16 century palace during  these captivating and unforgettable evenings.

Experience the 16th century palace and its courtyard by the flickering lights of candles, have a walk through the wide corridors, galleries, halls, antechamber, chambers and lounges and enjoy all the treasures in an unusual perspective, an awesome journey back in time.

On the 15 juillet with  the Renaissance dancers the ‘Les baladins de Saint Vérain’ and 5 August by  ‘Bassa Toscana‘ performing royal dances

Nocturne Chambre du Roi Ancy le FrancPhoto-©Monique Tierny-Mahieu (65)

The ground floor with the appartment of Diane is included in the nocturnal openings

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With a wine tasting to follow
15/07  Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard cancelled
5/08  Domaine Dominique Gruhier

Opening of the doors 20:30 hrs.

Fees : 12 € adult, 8 € children