Painting exhibition 2022 – Emmanuel DIOT

Emmanuel Diot, known (on social media platforms) as Diot’Art is a local self-taught painter, he paints animals and portraits. He began painting during his early childhood to escape his difficult situation.
Later on, he stopped painting for almost 20 years because of a lack of inspiration. It is at 39 years old, after he met his wife, that he once again took the brush to offer her a painting of her sons.
His wife, (the person who made him realise that there can still be pleasure in life), continues to support him and his passion.
In 2020, he created his two social media accounts, one on YouTube and the other one on Facebook, both named Diot’Art. Those platforms allow us to better appreciate his paintings and the work that goes behind it.

His art is characterised by portraits of animals and women, all painted in a very realistic style : the skin, the expressions, each strand of hair or fur are painted with an incomparable amount of detail.

The composition of the animal portraits is, usually, a dark background from which the animal seems to move towards the viewer. Their face is lightened up by an external light source, giving the creature a certain charisma. The colour pallets go from a neutral black and white to a dazzling pink.

The painting named Valentine which is usually thought of as his ultimate work, gave him the most acknowledgement for is paintings.

Still unknown artist today, Emmanuel Diot is no more experienced and conscientious in his work.

Adapted to all budgets, you can take an original (acrylic on wood painting 100x63cm) or a small or big reproduction.

Exhibition at the Reception/Shop accessible for everyone.
Exhibition catalog : click here.