Painting exhibition 2022 – Emmanuel DIOT

Local self-taught animal and portraitist, Emmanuel Diot, alias Diot’Art began to paint from his young years for escape his difficult childhood.
He stopped the painting during almost 20 years for lack of inspiration. It is at 39 years old, when he met his current wife, that he took up with his passion again for offer her the portrait of her sons.
His wife still continues today to support him in his art, woman who give him back taste to life.

In 2020, he created his Youtube and Facebook channels “Diot’Art” where we can better appreciate his work. Photos inside his painting workshop, time-lapses of his paintings permit to have a showcase of his work.

His art is characterized by women portraits and animals in a very realistic style : the skin grain, the expressions, each hair piece are in an incomparable detail.
The composition of his animals is an often dark background where the animal move forward, lighted up by an exterior light, giving to it a certain charisma. The colors comes from neutral black and white, to the dazzling pink.
It is the painting Valentine which give to him the most acknowledgement in his work, depict as his ultimate work.

Still unknown artist today, Emmanuel Diot is no more experienced and conscientious in his work.

Adapted to all budgets, you can take an original (acrylic on wood painting 100x63cm) or a small or big reproduction.

Exhibition at the Reception/Shop accessible for everyone.
Exhibition catalog : click here.