Painting exhibition 2024 : Pierre Bridoux and the impressionism

Painting exhibition 2024 :
Pierre Bridoux and the impressionism

From one work of art to the next, move from the ancient streets of Paris to the autumnal, almost phantasmagorical, woods of Fontainebleau and other undergrowth. From the top of a snow-capped peak, descend to a turbulent ocean. Or let yourself be transported to a Provençal village, the river of Venice or the music of gypsies dancing around a campfire. Finally, imagine the sweet smells of bouquets of roses, lilacs or painted peonies.

Shimmering colors in natural landscapes and a soothing climate in urban paintings are the main characteristics of Pierre BRIDOUX’s work.
Take a chance to discover it in this very first exhibition and sale of the artist’s paintings at Château d’Ancy le Franc, throughout 2024 !

A word from the painter : “My name is Pierre Bridoux. I was born on April 20, 1944 in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. I discovered painting at the age of 14, and was inspired by the Impressionists. Later, I gradually evolved towards a more personal style, always aiming for realism and light. Despite constant progress, it’s certain that I’ll never succeed in fully expressing myself.

For the past two years, the artist has enjoyed a new passion:
reconstructing little scenes with mice.
In the store, find the mice at the amusement park, at school, at home… or simply at the Château d’Ancy le Franc for €25 per scene. The characters are made of clay, the box of isorel, and the rest of the materials are variously salvaged (pieces of wrapping paper, matches…).
Mr. Bridoux came up with the idea for the scenettes during a walk along the banks of a river, when he was surprised by the wandering little field mice.

Located at Reception (free access) and Ground Floor (access with château ticket).

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