The Honour Court

The inner courtyard, known as ‘la Cour d’Honneur’ (the Honour Courtyard) was completely restored in 2001.
This was the first major building work carried out by the company Paris Investir SAS after purchasing the chateau in 1999.

The most up-to-date techniques have been used for this restoration.
– Laser cleaning
– Low pressure micro sanding
– Desalinisation through osmosis

Restoration activities on the four facades took more than nine months.

The courtyard is a remarkable example of Renaissance architecture, with its articulate curvatures, its arches, its niches, its ribbed pillars, its finely sculpted column tops and its geometrical consistency.

The restoration has let the chateau regain the purity and glory of the original architecture, thanks to funding and assistance from the DRAC Bourgogne, the Burgundy board of cultural affairs.