School groups

The chateau of Ancy-le-Franc welcomes school groups all year round by appointment.

For preschool children, primary school children and leisure groups we offer playful guided tours tailored to the age group. The guides are dressed in Renaissance costumes and the tour is educational and fun.

We also have a guided tour tailored to secondary school children.

Quiz tours are available for all age groups.

The guided tour of the Chateau of Ancy-le-Franc is a true journey through five centuries. It allows the children to explore the paintings and the architecture of the 16th century, to get familiar with the Renaissance and the ‘art of living’ of that time period. The guided tour will captivate young children as well as the older ones and will allow them to discover this local, national and international piece of heritage: a focal point of the Renaissance period.

The children will visit the Royal apartment, the apartment of Madam the Countess and that of the Count and the one of  famous Diane de Poitiers. They will be able to explore as well rooms that are normally closed for visitors: the old large kitchen with its impressive chimney and the small rooms hidden in the thick layers of the walls…

To round off the trip, we recommend the tour of the park*. This tour allows them to discover the garden with its folie dating back to the 18th century. An interesting approach to the history of the park, its architecture and its planting.
*available only in combination with the guided tour of the chateau

Ancy le Franc offers as well contemporay art exhibitions during the saison, highly appreciated by kids and students.

School groups (by appointment and for a minimum of 20 people)
Guided tour of the chateau + park: € 8.00 per pupil
Playful visit with guide dressed in Renaissance costume.

Possibility to have the tour in English or spanish  (extra amount of 50 €)

Free entry for bus driver and tour guide

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