Exhibition Sculptures in the park

Michel Laurent & Giovanni Scarciello

15 April – 15 October

Take a walk on the southside and enjoy the work of the two sculptors, Michel Laurent and Giovanni Scarciello.
A set of awesome pieces will investigate the park around the pond during the whole summer!

Do not miss one… the sculptures masterly appear behind century old trees, in the clearings close to folly and pond.

To notice: from May 6  the works of Giovanni will complete the exhibition and a selection of his smaller pieces will be to see inside the chateau!

Open all days, except on non-bank holiday Mondays

April, May, June, September: 10:30-12:15, 14:00-17:45
July & August: 10:30-17:45 and Mondays 13:30-17:45

Entrance with the double ticket : chateau & park