Sundy 10 August – Concert visit

A special Music Walk in the park 3 départures: at16hrs, 17hrs et 18hrs. Interventions around the pond and its 18th C. folly:’The Bird Singers’:Jean Boucault, Johnny Rasse, Joël Rasse, ‘Le Salamandre’:Benoît Tainturier, cornetto, chalemie, Jean-Michel Weber, saqueboute, Noëlle Quartiero, saqueboute, Emmanuel Vigneron, dulcianes. Accordion, Ambre Vuillermoz. Sound sculpture “Touchons du bois” by Will Menter.
Tour of château during the day at your own pace 10:30-18:00
Concert at 20:00 (duration1:30hrs with interlude): Les Ambassadeurs, direction Alexis Kossenko. Hasnaa Bennani, soprano, Zefira Valova, violin, Fabien Roussel, violin, Tormod Dalen, cello, Matthieu Boutineau, harpischord, Alexis Kossenko, flute
Playing: Rameau (extraits d’Hyppolyte et Aricie, les Paladins, les Indes Galantes, l’Enlèvement d’Adonis, Platée …), Leclair, Blavet, Téléman.
As a part of the year Rameau 2014 (250th anniversary of the death of the composer) a concert is dedicated to the important french musicien and his time period with one of his most beautiful ‘airs of operas’. The work of Alexis Kossenko with les Ambassadeurs is largely saluted by the critics