2015 Season

Parallel to the guided tours, numerous events are planned throughout the year:
Concert-visits with Musicancy, nocturnal visits with Renaissance dancers, cookery courses, art exhibitions, antique and wine fairs, fun activities for children, and much more. We are happy to welcome visitors and audience for unique events of great quality. We hope to see you soon!

Enjoy the vast park available with the double ticket ‘castle & park’. Have a stroll on the romantic South side with pond and 18th century folly, horse ring and much more. A perfect way to round off you visit in Ancy le Franc.
From May to October enjoy the exhibition of amazing sculptures by Peters Meyers around the pond.

And 2015 is the year of the reopening of the beautiful orangery – Enjoy the exhibition « Poetic Realities » from 13 June to 4 October. Works by the painter France Wagner.

New since 2014:the opening of almost a half of the groundfloor with the apartment of Diana and its famous Room of Diana holding exceptinal murals (School of Fontainebleau, 16th century) just restored (2002-2013).